Wednesday, December 3, 2014

30 week ultra sound/appointmemt

Baby Boy
Baby Girl

         We got some pictures this time! Baby boy was faced to the side with hands in front of his face most of the time but we got him to face us at the end. He is slightly above average weight at 3lbs. 3oz. His sisters butt is no longer in his face, haha, and he is still head down.

         Baby girl still has her head up by my ribs so we could only get a profile picture because she refused to move. Stubborn already. She is above average weight at 4lbs. 8oz.! The doctor isn't concerned about the weight difference because they are both still growing on track. She is still head up with legs curled up near her face and hands covering her face most of the time.

30 weeks

         As for me I am measuring 41-42 weeks. My weight has plateaued because of my diet change with the diabetes. The doctor isn't concerned about it at the moment because the babies and I are both growing as we should. My cervix is measuring 1.3 cm which is the same as it was last time and I am still not dilating which is awesome news. We are taking it week by week hopefully making it to at least 32 weeks but the ultimate goal is 38 weeks.

         My ob appointments are now bi weekly because I am 30 weeks. My appointments with the perinatologist are still weekly but depending on what my cervix is doing could change to bi weekly. 

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