Thursday, February 27, 2014

Match Meeting Success!

Warning: This will be a long post. I have separated each part with a picture so if you get tired of reading a part you can skip to the next section. Enjoy! :-)
My husband and I in front of the Hollywood sign.

         Oh the excitement I have! I should stop mentioning how excited I am because chances are when I am blogging about the surrogacy I am excited. :-D Before we get to the news as to why I am so excited lets get to the least favorite part of it, the traveling.
         As I am sure you are tired of me saying how terrified I am of flying on a plane I will not get into that. Although I will say I am getting better at flying or it just could have been that I was so tired I wasn't really thinking about what was going on. Most likely the second one, haha. So our flight out to LA was late Sunday after noon. We drop our daughter off at my mother in law's house now I like to be early every where no matter what that is just how I am, but my husband does not have a good sense of time so we end up leaving later than I wanted to. Sure enough we go to check in and it tells me I can't, so I go to the desk and they tell me that we checked in 5 minutes too late. FIVE MINUTES. It's not like it's a huge airport it will take 10 minutes tops to get through security and to the gate, they had not even started to board yet! So fantastic I have to call the surrogacy agency and the travel agency and let them know I missed the flight. The travel agency has to contact delta so I am on hold forever waiting for delta. So by times they get back to me and tell me we can fly out at 3pm one of the two seats were already sold so we were not able to fly out until the next morning.
         We decide to keep Anna at my husband's mom's house because we already said goodbye and we don't want to have to do it again. So we head to our flight which is 7am the next morning, on the walk in I realize that I forgot my wallet. Yup the same wallet that had my picture ID and of course they are not going to let me go through security with out it, I call to make sure but they confirm. So once again we head home and I call the travel agency and surrogacy agency again to let them know that we will no be able to make that flight either. So we get a flight for 1:25pm, okay leaving early? Check. Wallet? Check. Alright here we go! We get to the airport and go to check in but once again tells us no. Now I KNOW we are on time our flight doesn't leave for an hour and a half. I go to the front desk and she tells me delta has me on a flight to Wisconsin not from Wisconsin and they'll charge us (the surrogacy agency) $520 extra dollars to get it changed. Once again I have to call the surrogacy agency who ends up calling delta this time and delta took so long that we missed that flight completely. So we do get another flight but that doesn't leave until after 5pm, so to avoid further disaster we check in and go through security right away so we can just sit in the terminal and wait. We finally made it onto the plane and the rest of the travel went great besides the fact that it was a 24 hour turn around with our flight home leaving at 12:40am the next day.

Sadly this isn't really Robert Downey Jr. just a wax statue.

         On to happier times, the meeting! Our meeting was for 10am, which wouldn't have been too bad if it weren't for the fact that we didn't even get to the hotel past midnight LA time, 2am our normal time. Sure enough my body wakes me up at 5:30am, because my daughter wakes me up at 7:30am daily, and I just can't get back to sleep. After a nice in room breakfast and my husband and I getting ready we head to the surrogacy agency EARLY, a good hour and a half early. So we decided to walk around a little, bad idea because I was in heels and I never walk in heals so now I have sores all over my feet now. We decide to head into the agency 20 minutes early. Once we get there we get the run down of how the meeting is going to go and the questions that will be asked and if there is anything I don't feel comfortable asking that she wants us to ask, I say no because if you know me you know I'll ask any way. We go into a different room so once **Josh (name has been changed) gets there she can give him the run down before we meet. Before any one asks yes, the person we are doing the surrogacy for is a single male and we don't have a problem with that. 
         We hear **Josh arrive and after a few minutes she comes in to get us and tells us he is very nervous and worried that we won't like him. I tell her he shouldn't worry because we are nervous that he won't like us either. We finally meet and go through the interview. We are asked questions such as "how much contact do  you want during the pregnancy and after" and other more personal questions. I explain that during the pregnancy I don't feel like there is such a thing as too much contact, I am more than happy to answer him any time he texts, calls, or emails me and am happy to hear him feel the same way and agree texting is the best way for us to keep in contact. Then I am asked how much contact I would like after the birth. This is an easy question for me too, I would like updates and pictures on occasion but would be more than happy to stay in more contact than that. I really want to know that they are doing well and would like the see how the child is growing. I am extremely happy to hear he wants the same relationship, in fact he wants the child to be able to meet me as well he feels like it would be a great relationship to keep. Before we head to lunch, which is set up by the agency, **Josh asks us if we would like to spend more time getting to know each other and we agree that we would enjoy more time getting to know him. 
         After lunch he takes us through LA, going up through the hollywood hills being able to view LA from the hills, down though Beverly Hills and rodeo drive, and shows us where the Oscar's are going to be held this weekend. We enjoyed all the time spent with him and with in minutes of him dropping us off at our hotel we call the agency and left a message letting them know that we would like to move forward with **Josh. We get a call back 30 minutes later to let us know he had called them no more than two minutes before we did to let us know he would like to move forward too. It is an official match, and I couldn't be happier!
Rodeo Dr., 
Vin Disel's star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

         I figured since the rest of my post was pretty long that I will keep the rest of it short and sweet, short to my standards at least haha. After **Josh dropped us off at our hotel we decided to go for a walk, while walking we decided that we would go to the hollywood walk of fame and to see where they were holding the oscar's. After a 3 miles walk we finally got there. We looked at several of the stars before heading into the Kodak Theater (where the oscar's will be held) which is like a mall, several stores in there along with the theater. After that we headed into the wax museum for a little while before heading back out to the walk of fame. After a few minutes we decided we should head to the hotel room to get some food and to relax before heading to LAX for our flight home. On the walk back to the hotel I got stopped by a couple of girls who asked me to be a hair model for them the next day, just my luck the only time in my life I'll be asked to model something and I can't! A couple hours later we headed to the airport for our flight back home, I wanted to stay longer than 24 hours but couldn't wait to get back to my daughter.
         Well, if you read that all or just skimmed through thank you for taking the time to read it. Any question can be typed in the comments below or emailed to me, in the tab at the top of this page.

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