Sunday, July 6, 2014

TWINS! 6.5 & 8.5 Week Ultrasound.

Click HERE to hear Baby A's heartbeat.
Click HERE to hear Baby B's heartbeat.

         Most of you that are reading this already have heard all of the good news. I am behind on updating I know! The two pictures above are the babies at 6.5 weeks (6/19/14). Sorry the pictures are so small I had to shrink them to fit them on my blog page, they will enlarge if you click on them. At 6.5 weeks I found out I was carrying twins! Baby A was measuring at 6 weeks 4 days with a heart beat of 116. Baby B was measuring at 6 weeks 3 days with a heart beat of 126. Symone went with me to this ultra sound. I had her record the babies heart beats so I could send them to Tom (Intended Father). Tom has wanted twins from the beginning so it was very exciting to tell him he would be having twins. He was extremely happy to hear the good news.

Click HERE to see the heartbeats, little flickers on the screen. (No sound)

         I had my 8.5 week ultra sound on 7/3/14 to make sure every thing is going smoothly. Each ultra sound, to me, is exciting. They looked more like little babies this time I could see their arm and leg buds developing and the shape of their bodies better. Baby A is now measuring at 8 weeks 2 days with a heart beat of 153. Baby B is measuring at 8 weeks 6 days with a heart beat of 182. This will be my last ultra sound until I am in my second trimester and at that point we should be finding out the gender! I will be taking guesses any time so feel free to guess on any of my posts. I will start ending my posts with an update about me since my posts are mostly about the babies now.

How are you feeling so far this pregnancy?
I have actually not felt too bad this pregnancy. With my daughter I was so nauseous and sick the ENTIRE first trimester I lost 10 pounds. This pregnancy my stomach feels upset on occasion and as long as I stay away from unhealthy foods I feel fine. I am more tired this pregnancy then I was with Anna but that is probably because there is an extra baby in there this time.

What cravings have you had so far?
The first craving I had was pickles. They've always been something I enjoy eating but I just could not get enough of them. The second craving I had was cucumbers. I only buy a couple at a time but should really buy more because I always run out before I get back to the store. The third, an final, craving I have had this pregnancy is a vanilla cappuccino. This is the only craving that I have had that I can not have. When I am pregnant I do not drink caffeine and caffeine free stuff is just not the same.

Any weird dreams?
I don't know if it is considered "weird" but it is some thing I have dreamt about a couple of times in the last week. Gyros! I keep having dreams about eating gyros but when I wake up my stomach doesn't like the idea of it, haha. Finally yesterday I woke up and felt great the entire day, good enough to get the gyro I have been dreaming about.

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