Friday, May 30, 2014


Me on the left Symone on the right.
         I have so much to say but I have no idea where to start. We left May 22 in the morning and arrived around noon the same day. The flights were good no problems in the airport and smooth flights. I actually did really good on the way there no anxiety. We went to the hotel room and had a snack before meeting with Tom (real name this time). We decided to go to madame tussauds wax museum first, Symone had been wanting to go. When I went last with my husband we went to Ripley's wax museum which was also fun but didn't have as many wax figures as madame tussauds. We grabbed some candy and souvenirs before walking around a little. We stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe to grab an early dinner. Symone was disappointed with the nachos she ordered, probably because we are use to the awesomeness of Wisconsin cheese.
         After that Tom took us for a ride around seeing Hollywood and Beverly Hills. We stopped at Rodeo Drive and walked around. Symone and I knew we would never be able to buy any thing there but it was still fun to walk around. We headed into Tiffany's to look at the jewelry. What girl doesn't like doing that? Tom bought us both a beautiful Tiffany's key ring which will have out initials engraved on it before being sent to us. After that we went back to my hotel where Symone went to the pool and Tom and I went to Urth Cafe and talked for a while before I headed back to the hotel to rest up for the next day.
         The transfer was set for 11am the next day.. They wanted me to have a full bladder so I starting drinking water from the time I got up and even the ride there. I used the restroom a couple of times there where I was told to not empty it all, harder then it seems. They gave me a ultra sound to make sure my bladder was still full and the lady told me to use the rest room again. After I came back she looked again and told me my bladder was twice the normal size and to go even more. Yeah I am an over achiever! We waited only a few more minutes before the doctor and two nurses came in with the two embryos. I got to look at the embryos through a microscope. It doesn't seem like much looking at them but it is amazing when you think about it. Those two tiny embryos could be babies in a short time. They started the procedure and I won't go into details but if you would like to know I will be more then happy to tell you what was done. I felt very emotional. I cry at every thing any way but this was pretty amazing. We got to watch the transfer on the ultra sound monitor. After the transfer was over I was allowed to go to the bathroom again, I have never had to go so bad in my life. We relaxed there for a half an hour before going back to the hotel room where I was put on bed rest the rest of the day and that is exactly what I did.
My camera is really bad at taking pictures.
              They put in two perfect "5" embryos which puts us at an 80% chance of pregnancy!

         The next day was our flight out. In the morning Tom took up to Urth Cafe for some breakfast. After that went went for a nice walk and got to walk down Melrose Place. We went back to the hotel and sat on the roof talking for a little while before checking out. I was sad to leave Tom but happy I was going to be seeing Anna soon. We got to the airport and looked around a little bit before sitting at the terminal. After awhile they announced that we had to move to a different terminal. At the other terminal we were told there was a sick passenger on the plane that was coming in for us so they had to land in Las Vegas. We didn't take off until an hour and a half after the original time. The plane had some bad turbulence and I swore to Symone that I would never fly again. Once we landed in Chicago we had missed our connecting flight back home so we were stuck in Chicago for the night. The agency got us a hotel room and the next flight our wasn't until 1:30pm the next day. We just relaxed in the hotel that night and the next morning.
          After a little difficulty getting our tickets, they didn't issue them just reserved them, we went to the terminal. Guess what happens next? Our flight is being delayed because of mechanical issues with the plane. After almost an hour delay they send us to a different terminal to board a different plane. As if the last day just isn't enough we all board the plane and the cabin door wouldn't latch. They tried to open it back up and close it hoping it would latch but then the door wouldn't open. Finally they got some one there to get it open and then latched finally. The take off was terrifying and shakey and the whole flight back was like that. I started crying and told Symone once again I was never going to fly again. As long as one of these embryos attached I am keeping that promise and will never EVER fly again.
         The HCG blood test is on Monday and we will find out if there is at least one baby. I am so very excited it can not seem to come fast enough. Tom is such a great person and I am very thankful for all that he has done for me. I could not have been paired with a better person to be on this journey with.

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