Wednesday, August 20, 2014

GENDER REVEAL. 13 & 15 Week Ultra Sound.

Baby A- 13 Weeks
Baby B- 13 Weeks

         I am usually good about keeping an updated blog but I have been slacking a little. This pregnancy has gone great so far I can really not complain about any thing. My belly is already showing and is just preparing me for what it is going to look like in the near future. I went to my 13 week ultra sound for the first trimester screening where they do measurements and blood work to look for downs syndrome and trisomy 18. The test results came back negative so every thing is looking good! Week Baby A was measuring at 14 weeks and did great for the measurements. Baby B was measuring at 13 weeks and would not cooperate for the measurements. They had me walk, drink juice, use the rest room, lay on my sides and stomach. We tried every thing and finally after an hour got what we needed. What a stubborn little booger. :-)
14.5 Weeks

         Yesterday Tom, the father, flew in to be here for the ultra sound. Today we got to see the babies in 4d this time which is always cool to see. They both looked great! Baby A & Baby B were both measuring 15 weeks 5 days and they are 5 ounces. I had Tom, Damon, Symone, & Annabelle there for this ultra sound. They all have been great support systems for me and I wanted them to all find out the genders with us. After the ultra sound we got a personal tour of the birthing center. They showed us every thing from the room I would have my c-section to the room where I would be staying and a separate room for Tom. We also got a look at the NICU which we will hopefully not have to use. Every one was very nice and I am excited to be delivering there. Okay now I am sure you are wanting to know the babies genders I have put it off long enough. On the left is Baby A which we now know is a little boy! On the right is Baby B which we now know is a little girl!

Baby A
Baby B

         I will be getting another ultra sound in 4 weeks. Because this is a twin pregnancy it is considered a higher risk pregnancy. With twins any time after 32 weeks is great but they would ideally like to get me to 38 weeks.

How have you been feeling?
I have been feeling great. The head aches are less frequent maybe once every other week now. My belly is already starting to show which makes me a little nervous but a bigger belly is expected with twins. I absolutely knew that before going in to this but it is becoming a reality now.

Are you craving any thing?
There is really nothing that I am craving. I actually have to convince myself to eat when I feel hungry because nothing sounds good. It isn't that I feel sick either, it is just weird. My taste has changed a lot during the pregnancy things I once liked I don't want any more.

What are you dreaming?
I do this question because I remember with Annabelle I had a lot of weird dreams. I don't remember any of them specifically. I haven't had any weird dreams yet. I have had a couple of dreams about holding the babies after they are born but I would say that is normal with any pregnancy.

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