Monday, November 24, 2014

29 week check up

         As I mentioned in my previous post I will be blogging weekly now due to my cervix length. It will most likely be short but it is to keep you all informed. I had two appointments today the first one being with the diabetic nutritionist. I just got a quick run down of every thing and a list of foods and the amount of carbs in them. I have to limit my carbs but still need them because I am pregnant. I got a meter and a book to keep track of my blood sugar levels. I have to test in the morning when I get up and then 2 hours after all 3 main meals. I am suppose to stay under 120 and above 70. The two that I have done so far have been 90 & 105!

         My second appointment today was with the perinatologist to check my cervix length and he checked on the babies while he was at it. My cervix is up higher then it was last time so he told me that I needed to be a "couch potato", his exact words. I am allowed to shower by myself and prepare quick meals but any thing beyond that I am not suppose to do. The babies are looking great still. The girl is head by my ribs and body straight down. We couldn't get a good picture of her because her head is so far up by my ribs. The boy is still head down and laying diagonally. We couldn't get a picture of him because his sister has her butt in his face and he has his hand up as if to block it, haha. We got a good laugh at during the ultra sound.

         I see my ob, diabetes nutritionist, & perinatologist next week so my update won't be until next Wednesday. Have a great Thanksgiving every one and eat some carbs for me!

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