Tuesday, November 18, 2014

28 week ultra sound

Baby Girl
Baby Boy

         We got some great 3D pictures of the babies yesterday! Look at those faces. :-) Baby boy is measuring 2lbs 12oz & is head down. He is no longer terrorizing my bladder but I still get an occasional punch there.

         Baby girl is measuring 2lbs 15oz & is transverse which means she is sideways. She is laying at the top of my belly and is now the one terrorizing me up by my ribs. They are both looking great for their gestational age!
This is what twin pregnancy does to your body, lol. 27 Weeks

         Okay so there are a few things going on since the last blog post. I went in last week (27 weeks) for my glucose screening and my RhoGAM shot. The shot went good but of course I failed the 1 hour glucose test as I did with my daughter. I went back in on Friday to do the 3 hour glucose test but instead of passing it like I did with Anna I failed this 3 hour one. That means that I have gestational diabetes. Luckily it is usually able to be controlled by diet which I have already started to keep an eye on. I go in to see a diabetes educator who will give me the run down on what is good to eat and what to avoid. I will be monitoring my blood sugar daily and as long as the diet keeps it under control I will not need any medication.

         The second bit of not so good news came on Monday during my ultra sound. I have to get as ultra sound every 3 weeks with the perinatologist because I am carrying twins and the boys placenta is low. They do an internal ultra sound at first to check my cervix. This time things weren't looking like they should. I am fuzzy on the details because I got so much information at once but my cervix is starting to open which it is way to soon for. The doctor is concerned about pre term labor with my cervix the way it is. My activities have been restricted to pretty much bed rest and I am to get an ultra sound every Monday for the next 4 weeks and probably until the babies are born. I ask for your good thoughts (or prayers if that is what you do). Hopefully we can get to 32 weeks but obviously the longer then better. I will be doing a short weekly update from here on to keep family and friends as updated as possible. 

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