Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Little Set Back

         What an eventful last couple of days. A couple of weeks ago I had to go get more lab work done because the fertility clinic forgot a couple of tests. I had the lab work done and then my results came back all fine but the hospital forgot to run a test this time. Luckily they had enough of my blood left to run the test which came back as me being non-immune to rubeola (measles). The nurse at the fertility clinic said it is common as you get older for that to happen because the last shot I got was so long ago. So today I set up an appointment to get the shot for this Friday and was originally told that we would have to wait 30 days after the shot to get re tested. That would set us back for the transfer because I couldn't start the shot cycle until I was medically cleared. That was a little bit of bad news. We were getting close to starting the cycle, in the next week, and then we were told that we had to wait longer. It was pretty upsetting but I kept my head up, after all it is going to happen either way a little delay isn't going to ruin anything.
         To my surprise I got a text from the intended parent saying that we didn't wait the 30 days as long as I got confirmation that I got the rubeola shot. We are still behind schedule by about a week but the it is flexible because the donor and I have to make sure we are cycled together. As long as every thing goes well I am told that the transfer should be about 5/15! It is weird to thing that a little less than a year I will be delivering another baby but this time for some one else, and I am truly excited for it.

Although you probably can't see what it says I put
possible transfer on the 15th of May. :-)

         On the same subject of delivery. I have been told by the doctor's that they think it is best that I should have a planned cesarean section since my daughter was delivered that way, unplanned. Although I think that is some thing I would like to discuss more. If it is one baby and I can deliver naturally I much rather do it that way.

As always thank you for reading! If there is something you have any questions or any suggestions on what you would like to see me write about please let me know. Keep an eye out for my upcoming review/giveaway.

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