Thursday, March 20, 2014

Just A Little Update

         Hello every one! I know it has been a few weeks since my last post. We were waiting for the egg donor to get her testing done and approved. I also have been doing massive amounts of paper work on top of the heaps I have already done.

Paperwork breakdown.

  • Surrogate agency paper work from the initial application through their agreement.
  • All medical paper work for the doctor's office and my medical history
  • Legal paper work with the intended parent, the child(ren), the agency, and my husband and myself.
  • Paper work to make sure we under stand risks for every possible procedure I could possibly encounter before, during, and after being a surrogate.
  • Any possible thing you can think of for this process there is paper work to go along with it.
I feel like I need an entire filing cabinet just for the surrogacy paper work! Was the bullet list necessary? Probably not but I just felt like doing one. :-)
This is about what I feel like doing with all the paper work I have to do, lol.

         So right now where we stand with the process is the egg donor has been tested and has passed all of her tests. The intended parent has all his side of the paper work done and we have all of our paper work done. Although I doubt it is the last of the paper work, I know there will be more once the baby is born. The next step is going to be the shots. I am going to get started on shots that are basically going to shut my uterus down and put me into a premenopausal state. I am sure Damon is going to be happy dealing with that, haha. I am going to be taking those shots in the stomach and taking pills for two weeks. After the two weeks I stop those shots and start a different set of shots and pill. These shots will reboot my uterus to prepare it for the egg transfer and these Damon will have to do because they have to go into my buttocks. These usually last a couple of weeks and hopefully at this point my cycle is matching with the egg donor's. If so then I get flown to California right away for the transfer and I will be there for 4 days with my friend Symone because my husband won't be able to get off for this. If our cycle's don't match then we have to start the shot cycle all over again.

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