Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots EVERYBODY!

         Okay so the shots I am referring to have nothing to do with alcohol. I started my shot cycle yesterday to get ready for the transfer! This was the part I was dreading the most. Don't get me wrong I am not afraid of needles, I have had many piercings and I have several tattoos,  but the though of poking myself with a needle every day was what I was not looking forward to. Right now I am taking the lupron shots which basically puts my body in to perimenopause and stops me from ovulating. These needles are small if you have ever seen the needles that diabetics have to use to give themselves insulin that is what they are. It is a little intimidating at first reading through the instructions, I read them a few times before I even touched anything. It really wasn't as bad as I thought, so far because next I will be giving myself multiple shots and a couple in the buttocks at that. But we will blog about that part when we get to it :-)

My box o' goodies, not.

         In the next couple of weeks I will be going to get labs done to make sure my system is doing what it is suppose to. May 5th I will be going for my mid cycle scan in which they will determine if we are on track or not and then switch my doses based on what the results are. If all goes well the transfer is still set for May 15th! :-)

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