Monday, September 15, 2014

19 Week Ultra Sound

Baby B (Girl)
Baby A (Boy)

         We are at 19 weeks already which means I am half way done with the pregnancy. Baby A (boy) is 11 oz. and measuring right on track. He has a low lying placenta which isn't a cause for concern right now because it isn't causing me any bleeding or pain. The doctor is confident that it will move up to where it is suppose to be as I get further along. If you click to enlarge the picture of him you will see not his hand but his foot right up next to his face, haha. He must be comfortable because he kept his legs up in front of him the whole ultra sound. He is in the lower part of my abdomen on the right side if you are looking at my belly. I feel his movements more then I feel his sisters but I just think that is because he is always kicking my bladder.

         Baby B (girl) is also 11 oz. and measuring right on track. She is in the upper part of my abdomen on the left side if you are looking at my belly. I can tell she is there because my belly is a little lopsided at the top when I look down at it, haha. If you click to enlarge the picture you can see her fists up by her face. She is going to be the feisty one I think, she is ready to fight. She kept her arms up during the ultra sound. I feel her move but like I said not as much as her brother quite yet but I know soon they will both be driving me crazy.

This is 18 Weeks 2 day, updated picture coming soon.

         Every thing is going good on my end. My blood pressure and heart rate are both great. I had a slow beginning with gaining weight, the only bad thing about a high metabolism, but now I am gaining on track. Still a little behind but if these babies are any thing like Anna I am sure it will make up for itself. I am measuring 29 weeks which is average for twin pregnancy. My doctor said I will be measuring full term when I am 28 weeks, oh joy. My ultra sounds will be every 3 weeks for the next couple of weeks but my doctor appointments will still be every 4 weeks because every thing is going great.

How have you been feeling?
I am still feeling great. Minus this cold I woke up with yesterday. I am having trouble getting comfortable already but when measuring 29 weeks it means I feel 29 weeks pregnant so that is to be expected. Sleep is already my enemy so I will probably end up taking naps while Anna is in 4K. 

Are you craving any thing?
My cravings are sudden and some times very intense. A couple of days ago it was reeces so I bought a bag of those. I had a crazy reeces craving with Anna but it was the reeces eggs and I went through a lot of them. I mostly crave fresh vegetables like cucumbers and peppers.

What are you dreaming?
I have a lot of dreams about the ocean. When I was pregnant with Anna I had dreams about the ocean constantly and it is happening again this pregnancy. Most of the time is about getting caught in the ocean or a big wave comes and I have to run. I am not sure why I continue to have these similar dreams, they are interesting.

I do have a couple of videos in 4D of the babies. As soon as I figure out how to get them up I will do so! :-)

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