Friday, May 16, 2014

Transfer Date Set

         So we are all set for the transfer date but let me back up just a little. If you have been following my blog you know that the transfer date was set for 5/15/14, yesterday. Well the egg donor missed an important appointment so we were unsure of what was going to happen. The intended parent picked a new egg donor just in case it happened again and we would have to drop this cycle and start a new one. Luckily the egg donor has been going to all of her appointments since so we have been set back just a little over a week. So my new transfer date is May 23! It is on Damon's birthday but I figured it probably would end up being this day because why not? Haha.

         I am really excited to get this going, I feel like it has been a long journey up until this point but it has been worth it. I am finally getting ready to start what I have been waiting for. I am even more excited knowing that the intended parent is going to be a parent in less then a year, as long as every thing goes as planned. Every time I talk to him I can tell he is excited and very thankful. This time I will not being going with Damon, because he can't get off of work in that short of notice, so I am bring my best friend Symone! Now she is going to have to deal with my anxiety attack during take off, sorry in advance! Thankfully this should be the last time I have to fly EVER. Not that any of the flights have been bad it is just my anxiety that gets the best of me.

         Thank you for following my journey so far. We have another 10+ months to go as I plan on using this blog to keep you updated on any pictures and contact I have with the child/children. If you are interested in becoming a surrogate feel free to contact me.

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