Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blood Work and More Shots

         What a day. Today I had to travel to Green Bay, which is 93 miles away from where I live, to get my blood drawn to make sure my levels are right where they need to be. I needed to go that far for the lab because I needed to go to a Quest Diagnostics. We followed the GPS right to an empty lot and then finally saw a sign saying where they moved, which was only right down the road. Once going inside I tell the lady I am there for Quest Diagnostics and she informed me they no longer work with them but gave me the address to where I could go to get my blood drawn. Luckily it was in Green Bay but it was another 12 mile drive. I go to the office and hand them my lab orders only to find out that they don't do the lab work there that they send it out. This doesn't work because I need the results today so they know what my medication levels should be at for my next set of shots. I called the fertility clinic at this point because it is getting frustrated only to find out I didn't have to go to a quest they just say quest as a default! I could have just gone to the hospital here in Stevens Point! Luckily I still get reimbursement gas and get paid for the mileage I traveled and a meal expense but still. If Damon didn't have to work today we could have just made a day out of it and found things to do there but the trip was a total waste of time. Not to mention the GPS told us to turn a couple of times in the wrong direction. I am using a map next time, a good old fashioned map!

I REALLY need a new phone camera.
         So now to the shot update. I am still taking the lupron shot, the stomach or outside of my thigh one, daily. Now I am taking the delestrogen shot, the one that goes in my buttocks, every three days. I am used to the lupron shots now it is quick and easy and if it is done right I don't really feel it at all. Today I was really nervous to start on the delestrogen shot. It is a slightly different process then the lupron but either way you clean the vial and injection site and then massage the area after the injection. With this I withdraw the liquid with an 18 gauge need and then replace it with a 22 gauge needle, in case you don't know how needle gauges work the bigger the number the smaller the needle. I was banking on Damon helping me but I have to take my shots between 5pm-10pm and he is working in that time span.
         I set up the shot area much like I usually do but now a couple of more elements. I did my lupron injection first since I am confident with doing that one. I decided to do the new one in the bathroom so I could look in the mirror and make sure I am doing it in the right place. I just went for it with out really thinking about it. I didn't really feel much just a small pinch if that. After it is in you have to pull the plunger out a little bit and make sure there is no blood because if there is then you are in the wrong place and you need to take the needle out and start the process from the beginning. There was no blood so I slowly injected the medication and quickly pulled the needle out. With how easily this went I am a lot more confident now with it. I plan on posting videos of the lupron and the delestrogen shots soon so keep an eye out. :-)

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