Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Back from LA!

         Holy moly I made it! It's been just over a week since my short trip to Los Angeles. Remember my post about how nervous I was about flying? (You can click here to see it) Yeah, it is a lot worse than I thought it was. I was the normal nervous about flying the entire time, my husband and I sit on the plane and the moment it moves I have an anxiety attack and I mean a full blown anxiety attack. I start to cry and start to do 'labor' breathing and just kind of freaking out in general, my poor husband was AMAZING through the whole thing. This didn't just happen once, this happened every take off and landing no matter how good I felt the moment it was time to land or take off I would lose it. BREATH....
         Our first flight was late taking off so we missed our second flight out and had to stay in Minnesota over night, they didn't even cover hotel thankfully the surrogacy agency did. Once we got there good grief the drivers are crazy. It wouldn't have been so bad if we were driving because my husband is an amazing driver but we had a driver the whole time and it was nuts.

         Okay, on a positive note every thing else went great! The weather was beautiful, the hotel room amazing like a little apartment, and the food was fantastic! If it wasn't for my daughter I might have stayed, haha. The appointments went great, every one was so nice and helpful I am very happy that I chose this agency to work with. I was told it would take two weeks to get the results of the drug test and the physic evaluation but guess what I got this morning? I got an email saying we have been cleared and the next step is matching! I am so excited to look through profiles of intended parents. I am going to feel bad just choosing one, I wish I could help them all but I know they will all get a surrogate to help them with their journey. After my phone conversation this Friday they will be sending me parent profiles. I will keep you all up to date as my journey continues. Thank you for reading!

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